The on location system has a small foot print, is simple for the field personnel to use, and is designed to be efficient and require minimal set-up.

Sensors are installed on the rig or 4Si’s system will be tied into existing sensors.

Available reports:

  • CAODC Tour Sheet,
  • Morning Reports,
  • JSA,
  • Payroll,
  • Maintenance reports.

Reports can be exported to 3rd party software and created in PDF.

Data is sent to secure cloud storage, the operator/contractor end users have access live or historical data for all recorded functions at location.

Communications sends the live data, for the operators/contractors who have the

credentials to view, and a live chat for point to point communications.

RIGSIINC at location, has a tablet display, laptop connectivity to view and work with live data

RIGSIINC cloud database is able to view live data and analysis tools to review historical data. 



Wellhead information monitoring system. 

  • View the data being captured.
  • Monitor for changes outside of operating parameters and react in real time.
  • Gas detection
  • Optimize well run schedule.
  • Record volumes.
  • Report on the data.